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  • PCB solder joint hollow produced by the reasons and...

    First, the harm of the holeVoiding makes a common phenomenon in the solder joints. Void on the harm

    2024-02-20 1
  • What are the special pads on a PCB circuit board? W...

    1. Fixed holes need to be non-metallized. Over the wave soldering, if the fixed holes are metallized

    2024-02-20 2
  • A Brief Analysis of the Reasons for Whitening of PC...

    PCB circuit board over the wave soldering, in the manual use of cleaning agents for scrubbing, circu

    2024-02-20 1
  • Reasons and solutions for PCB pad peeling off?

    Cause considerations:First, PCB board quality issues, and soldermask mismatch, tin liquid temperatur

    2024-01-31 0
  • PCB pads can not be tinned, what is the reason?

    First, check whether the board has an oily substance has not been removed, may be due to the board f

    2024-01-31 2